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Concrete Hero Lesson


imgres-4On July 15th I ran Concrete Hero, an urban obstacle course 5km race in downtown Los Angeles. Why? I ran to support Aids Project Los Angeles (APLA), an organization who supports individuals living in LA, who have or are living with AIDS or HIV with basic needs such as food and shelter. Over 60,000 people in Los Angeles have AIDS or HIV and that number is growing every day.

Participants raised over $400,000 on the 15th, which will go directly to APLA. An amazing feat! Yet, after my race, I was not happy with my run nor my time. I did climb the monkey bars, and completed all the obstacles (those who lack upper body strength can understand) but I was still not satisfied.

As I was walking to my car a man asked if I finished the run and I said yes, but not like I wanted to finish. He said you finished it though, right? And I shook my head and said yes. He said you don’t understand, you ran for those who can’t and you will continue to run because you can and maybe one day someone will need to run for you.

He acknowledged my accomplishment and I thanked him, with a smile that ran ear to ear on my face.

Someone recently told me that you can’t go any faster by being hard on yourself. I am still learning this lesson.

I’m a Concrete Hero!