Renewable Energy

Elena manages strategic sustainability construction programs to accelerate the use of renewable energy as a solution to urban challenges and economic development. She leverages 20 years of diverse professional experience, scientific background and expertise working with government agencies around the world.

Her leadership has helped coalitions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto; develop clean tech programs promoting green initiatives while implementing renewable energy technologies. Elena is not only a technical advisor but also a competent presenter who communicates these initiatives to diverse audiences including Boards of Directors, Senior Executives, and politicians.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Wind turbine technology – industrial, urban, building integrated, and wind farms
  • Solar energy technology and systems of all scales – solar thermal, photovoltaic panels, concentrated solar arrays, and solar thermal systems
  • Program management for green building design and construction
  • Feasibility work and environmental impact assessment
  • Cost estimating and project financing strategy
  • Government incentive programs and grant management
  • Utility rate tariffs and net metering regulations
  • Contract negotiation and agency approval processing
  • Technology and business advisory for sustainability start-ups
  • Sustainable energy strategic plan development
  • Renewable energy viability analysis
  • Community outreach and public relations
  • Innovative marketing initiative strategic planning

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