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New York screening of Creative Migration’s POST NEW BILLS


Elena Christopoulos | Blog | New York screening of Creative Migration's POST NEW BILLS

Join us on May 16th for the New York screening of Creative Migration’s POST NEW BILLS

POST NEW BILLS is the first film about the Green Patriot Posters, a highly acclaimed multimedia design campaign promoting sustainability and public engagement. The film is produced by Creative Migration, a nonprofit that produces documentaries about art and social engagement.

A Free Film Screening:  
Friday, May 16, 2014 6:00 – 8:00pm
At the Center for Architecture
536 LaGuardia Place, New York City

The film runs 16 minutes and will be show at 6:30 and 7:15pm.

Delicious treats provided by Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream at a special discount to our guests! 

Please let us know you are coming: RSVP@creativemigration.org  #postnewbills @CMigration




The Acceptance of You – The New Dove


Elena Christopoulos | Dove CampaignA few years ago, I applied for a casting call for a new DOVE television commercial. I’ve always enjoyed using DOVE products (ask anyone in my family) and I’m not known to shy away from photos, (again, ask anyone in my family)! As much as I wanted to participate and get involved with the campaign, I found myself facing a roadblock. I was nervous and insecure to even submit an application. My insecurities had gotten the best of me. I know we all have our insecurities, and for women, especially around beauty. But moving through the fear and apprehension about even trying a new experience allowed me to face my issues about beauty head on and the results were life changing. The decision to listen to my gut and to move through the fear was a lot more than just applying for a campaign.

When it comes to women and beauty, personally, I don’t feel we as women have a safe forum to speak openly and honestly about it. I’ve always admired what DOVE has done in terms of sparking a conversation and a dialogue about what real beauty is, including everything that it entails. For me, my discussions about beauty and everything it encompasses first began with my mum when I was a child, many moons ago. I was born to Greek-Austrian parents and as proud of my heritage that I am, I was born with a strong, some would say, proud Greek nose. When I would complain about being different and wanting to assimilate like ‘most’ girls I had gone to schools with, well, my mum would always say to me that I hadn’t yet grown into my looks. What I really came to understand, and only recently as I was given the opportunity to discuss my experiences working on a previous DOVE campaign, was what my mum was really trying to tell me. What she really meant was that I would not only one day grow into my features, looks, and appearance but more importantly what she really doing was opening the path to acceptance; acceptance of every thing about myself, from the inside out.

I now have the luxury of looking back at those photos from the DOVE campaign, ‘Photograph of You’ and I only now see all of me. In essence, the DOVE campaign played an important role in allowing me to accept all parts of me. The campaign was appropriately titled, a Photograph of You. I can smile now and call it ‘Acceptance of You.’

I am very thankful to DOVE. The experience really opened me up on such a deep level. Since the casting, which will be throughout the month of May, I have had so many discussions about beauty with my mum, sister and girlfriends. I encourage all women to give it a try and I truly hope that all women will give themself permission to embrace all parts of themselves. Thank you DOVE, for helping me along my journey of acceptance.

The casting call is now for the next DOVE campaign! If you have any questions, comments or simply want to engage in a conversation about beauty, I welcome it.


The Moving Beyond Sustainability Project: Challenge #1: Car free April in Los Angeles


car free la

The Moving Beyond Sustainability Project Challenge #1:

Car free April in Los Angeles

As a renewable energy/sustainability consultant I thought I would challenge myself and decide to literally ‘walk my talk’. And by that I mean I will not use my car for a month in Los Angeles. I will continue my work, but I will not be able to use my car for any of it.

For those living in Los Angeles, you know how difficult this will be. A friend recently shared with me the art of asking, so in that vein I will ask to carpool, if needed. I will use public transit, my bike (it is not a mountain bike, by the way) and will walk or run to meetings, events, work and to visit friends.

I really have no idea or preconceived notions of what the month of April will be like for me. As Southern California has the worst air quality in the United States, I thought I would do my part and reduce my carbon footprint in my neighborhood.

What are you doing for Earth Day? Will you move Beyond Sustainability?


Every shirt has a story!


sustainU tshirt

Every shirt has a story, according to SustainU, a sustainable clothing manufacturer based in the United States.” How many of us know the story of the clothes we wear? Have we ever stopped to consider what our clothes are made of, who made them and under what conditions?”

SustainU’s mission is to “change the way clothes are made to improve the environment, reinvigorate America’s manufacturing sector, and educate the world about how clothing can positively impact people’s lives.”

Personally, I decided to purchase SustainU’s T-shirts today because:

By creating 100% recycled apparel that’s made in the USA, SustainU want people to change the way they think about their clothing, and how they live their lives. Don’t you want to ‘Wear A Better Story?’


California Workforce Association (CWA) 14th Annual Youth Employment Conference



California Workforce Association 14th Annual Youth Employment Conference Defy the Predictable Hyatt Regency Orange County: January 15-17, 2013

Hosted by the California Workforce Association, this dynamic conference showcases successful strategies in program design and implementation that are making a difference for at-risk and opportunity youth – those unconnected to school or work – and highlights unique and productive partnerships and collaborations.


CWA Executive Director, Barbara Halsey said, “The Youth Conference is a forum for California’s youth providers to make valuable connections with education, business, and the non-profit sector that lead to new collaborations, program innovations, and improved outcomes for youth.”


The Youth Conference will offer Issue Sessions, allowing workforce professionals an opportunity to share the critical challenges they are facing in working with youth and identify strategies to address those challenges.


Halsey said, “This year’s conference really takes it to the next level as we engage our partners in education and business & industry in capacity-building discussions everything from youth entrepreneurship to critical thinking skills that impact safety in the workplace.”


The Youth Conference brings together practitioners and policy makers involved in addressing the employment, training and education needs of youth. Businesses and Chambers of Commerce (such as the Green Chamber of Commerce), involved in youth programs, those working with transitioning foster youth and adjudicated youth, as well as companies who commit resources to these efforts, are encouraged to attend.  Join with others who defy the predictable every day by helping alter the destiny of young people, and creating a better future for youth and their communities. Registration is available now at www.calworkforce.org/Youth.