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Support the Green Chamber of Commerce BC



The Green Chamber of Commerce BC (GCCBC) needs the support of individuals residing, or doing business, in British Columbia who are passionate about sustainable business development.

The GCCBC is looking to incorporate their organization in British Columbia under the Canada’s Boards of Trade Act, and they need your commitment as an incorporator.

If you are someone who is passionate about promoting and advocating for green developments in BC, be the voice of sustainable business and register online at http://greenchamberofcommercebc.org/events/founders-support/. Your voice needs to be heard!


Woman of the Week: Elena Christopoulos


ElenaStudio02proof-X2_newBy Marin Wallace – womenspost.ca

If the definition of superhero is ‘one who saves the world,’ Elena Christopoulos could be called a superhero. She has devoted her working life to renewable energy, striving to help reduce humanity’s carbon footprint.

This interest in environment started early: Elena spent time in Greece as a child, and their way of life formed her identity.

“My relatives always had a huge appreciation of the environment. That upbringing has left an everlasting mark on me.”

Ahead of her time, Elena started in the industry before the modern environmental movement really caught hold.

“Many have recently entered the ‘green’ space and unlike many of my competitors, I have worked in this industry since the ’90s, which is not only rare, but has given me credibility in the industry.”

As the movement gained momentum, Elena pushed to integrate more environmental projects into the everyday world. In 2000, Elena worked as part of a team to bring the first urban wind turbine in North America to Toronto.

“I wanted to make my hometown city of Toronto the greenest city in the world. This was a very successful project because it integrated diverse political and environmental spheres.”

Elena is president of the Board of Directors for the Green Chamber of Commerce, a technical and consular advisor for E3NYC and a speaker/member of Women of Wind Energy (WoWE). But her skills in the field are not just recognized by those working for environmental causes. While flying into Toronto once, Elena met with pilots who were routinely flying the route and were familiar with her turbine. She says, “They told me that they brought their kids to look at the turbine and that all pilots flying into Pearson see the turbine, a beacon of renewable energy, a beacon of hope for the future of this world. It was at that moment that I realized the impact I had made and the footprint I already left behind.”

Elena, as a woman and an environmentalist, has to wage a steady battle against the lingering mindsets of previous generations. But as she sees it, “Making a difference in this world, whether it is an environmental or political change, is not only a job for me, it is my passion.”

Now all she needs is a superhero name.


Every shirt has a story!


sustainU tshirt

Every shirt has a story, according to SustainU, a sustainable clothing manufacturer based in the United States.” How many of us know the story of the clothes we wear? Have we ever stopped to consider what our clothes are made of, who made them and under what conditions?”

SustainU’s mission is to “change the way clothes are made to improve the environment, reinvigorate America’s manufacturing sector, and educate the world about how clothing can positively impact people’s lives.”

Personally, I decided to purchase SustainU’s T-shirts today because:

By creating 100% recycled apparel that’s made in the USA, SustainU want people to change the way they think about their clothing, and how they live their lives. Don’t you want to ‘Wear A Better Story?’


California Workforce Association (CWA) 14th Annual Youth Employment Conference



California Workforce Association 14th Annual Youth Employment Conference Defy the Predictable Hyatt Regency Orange County: January 15-17, 2013

Hosted by the California Workforce Association, this dynamic conference showcases successful strategies in program design and implementation that are making a difference for at-risk and opportunity youth – those unconnected to school or work – and highlights unique and productive partnerships and collaborations.


CWA Executive Director, Barbara Halsey said, “The Youth Conference is a forum for California’s youth providers to make valuable connections with education, business, and the non-profit sector that lead to new collaborations, program innovations, and improved outcomes for youth.”


The Youth Conference will offer Issue Sessions, allowing workforce professionals an opportunity to share the critical challenges they are facing in working with youth and identify strategies to address those challenges.


Halsey said, “This year’s conference really takes it to the next level as we engage our partners in education and business & industry in capacity-building discussions everything from youth entrepreneurship to critical thinking skills that impact safety in the workplace.”


The Youth Conference brings together practitioners and policy makers involved in addressing the employment, training and education needs of youth. Businesses and Chambers of Commerce (such as the Green Chamber of Commerce), involved in youth programs, those working with transitioning foster youth and adjudicated youth, as well as companies who commit resources to these efforts, are encouraged to attend.  Join with others who defy the predictable every day by helping alter the destiny of young people, and creating a better future for youth and their communities. Registration is available now at www.calworkforce.org/Youth.



GreenBiz Forum 2013



GreenBiz Forum 2013: 2/20/13-2/21/13 in New York & 2/27/13-2/28/13 in San Francisco

Framed by the 2013 State of Green Business reportGreenBiz Forum defines the trends, challenges and opportunities in sustainable business today. This year, the GreenBiz Forum will feature two events in New York (Feb 21-22) and San Francisco (Feb 27-28), engaging stakeholders across industries, sectors, and regions to discuss how, and how well, companies are addressing sustainability challenges and opportunities, in a comprehensive view of the state of green business today.

The program will include keynote interviews, One Great Idea presentations, GreenBiz Guru small-group consultative sessions, hands-on workshops on how to apply Forum concepts — and, as always, peer-to-peer collaboration and networking.  Participants include corporate sustainability professionals, government leaders, policy makers, academics, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, service providers, nonprofits, and regional economic development and business organizations. Get an edge on emerging trends affecting sustainability professionals, and come away with actionable ideas you can apply in your own organization or practice.

Click here for more information & use discount code gbf13gcc for 10% off your registration!

Greenbiz Forum