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Goodbye Asthma: The War on Clean Air


Clean Power Plan

One of the many reasons I work to save the environment. In 2030, there will be 150,000 less asthma attacks in children thanks to cleaner air and less carbon pollution. There are several factors that can trigger asthma. Namely: ground level ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter emitted into the air via power plants and factories. Power plants make up 40% of the carbon pollution in the U.S. We already limit how much mercury, arsenic, soot and other air pollution power plants can emit, and it’s crucial that we limit carbon pollution, the top contributor to climate change. Lobbyists and corporate polluters are working tirelessly to stop the EPA’s efforts to stand up to polluters. Click here to sign the petition that will tell your senator that limiting industrial carbon pollution from existing power plants is a concern for you. Stand up and be counted.