LINER Magazine: Women in Charge


I am so very honored to be profiled in Liner Magazine‘s ‘Women in

Charge’ Issue that came out this month. This issue was very special.

From soup to nuts, only women worked on the issue and only

women were featured in the magazine.  The writers, the

photographers, the editors, the publisher shared their wonderful stories to

inspire other women.


Do give it a read and support wonderful women like the Founder &

Editor in Chief at Liner Magazine, Kelly Searle and her LA-based crew.

This winter issue was designed to specially to look at the lives of

women who are “shaping the world and the lives of others around

them”. The issue pays homage to all the women who

have influenced the life of the founder, Kelly Searle.


When I think about the women who have shaped my life, I immediately think about

the ‘mothers’ I have had the pleasure of having. I say mothers in the

plural sense as many women who have come before me have had

such strong influences in my life and in my life choices. My mum who

lives in Toronto taught me to never give up on anything and to always

have the fortitude to continue moving forward throughout my life.

There is my American mum, otherwise know as Leigh Adams who

besides being a fantastic sustainable gardener and colleague in the

environmental field, she has always shown me and supported me to

always use my voice and for issues that are near and dear to my

heart, such as human rights, basic rights for all men and women

throughout the world.


As we head into the holidays, which we will spend with our family or

friends or both, may you honor the ‘mothers’ in your life, the women

who have made an impact not just in your life but the lives of others

around you.


May you have a wonderful holiday season and I wish you nothing but

the best in 2015.

Sustainably yours,

Elena Christopoulos


Andrew Nisker – Liberal Party of Canada bid, Beaches – East York


Andrew Nisker is Toronto-born documentary filmmaker, environmental activist and entrepreneur whose work has taken him across Canada and around the world, giving him a deep appreciation for how lucky we are to be Canadians and a desire to make this an even better nation for our children.


Please read this message from Andrew and go out and support him in his bid for the Liberal Party of Canada nomination, Beaches-East York.
Thanks so much for your tremendous outpouring of support. We have almost filled all 80 roles for this Saturday andSunday. WAY TO GO.  As you know, life sometimes gets in the way and there will certainly be a few folks that won’t make it who have committed. So, for added insurance we are asking you, if you haven’t signed up already, to do so today.  Even if you have personally told me you will be coming out this weekend, we kindly ask that you take a few moments to register on our website so we can easily get in contact with you and keep track of numbers.

Tell us if you have an hour or eight to spare, which day or both and if you have a car or need a lift. The journey that started last winter is about reach it’s first critical stage, the nomination vote onDecember 14th. This Sunday from 12pm-4pm at East-York CI. Through your kind words of encouragement, donations and lots of emotional support; I’m proud to say we have a real shot at winning this.

As you know, this my first time running for a political party and I have to say, this experience has enriched my life. How? By getting out and knocking on doors and meeting the fine residents of Beaches  East – York.  Thank you so much for enabling me to do this. So how are elections won? Well, two simple ways. Knock on doors and connect with voters and then get them out to vote.
On Sunday, I need your help to get out the vote. For those of you with kids around Sebastian’s age and older, this is a great educational opportunity to teach your kids about how democracy works. Please bring them along!
So, are you up for a little adventure?
Here is what is happening.
The vote is from 12pm-4pm. The campaign needs the following help anytime between 9am-6pm.
If you can’t make it on Sunday, we could also use your help on Saturday.
Here is list of jobs:
Knock on identified Nisker supporters doors and remind them about the vote and confirm they are coming out to vote.  Deliver final election materials.
Pick up and drop off voters.
Work the phones and call voters.
Help voters when they arrive at the polling stations
If you can help us, please visit the following page and register asap so one of our team can reach out to you.
I am told, we have a very, very good chance to win this on Sunday. All of our hard work will only take us to victory with a strong team on hand this weekend. Please, find a few hours to help out and if you can’t
thank so very much for your generosity to get me this far.

In order to vote you must have registered before 5 PM on November 28, 2014.

The nomination meeting is taking place at East York Collegiate Institute.

Speeches will begin at 1 PM and voting will take place from noon to 4 PM on Sunday, December 14th.

Please bring a piece of Photo ID and proof of residence. For example, your Health card and a Hydro bill. Your Driver’s License has everything you need!

The vote is taking place by preferential ballot. This means you can mark more than one candidate. Please consider giving Andrew your number 1!

Please support my
Liberal Party Of Canada
nomination bid in Beaches-
East York.


Ambition: Underprivileged Youth Entrepreneurs


Hi Folks!

I am in involved with an incredible non-profit program called AMBITION. (If you check out the site, do take a minute to watch the opening video).

It is an entrepreneurial program for underserved youth.

It runs out of a high school classroom in an underprivileged area where amazing kids work with a large group of successful mentors to become entrepreneurial. There is nothing like it as it is all real-world and hands on! The students have had the honor of spending time with true leaders including Richard Branson and Bill Clinton.

The organization is running a first of its kind, fundraising/mentor recruitment competition where the mentors and volunteers are competing to help increase AMBITION’s Student Scholarship Fund and Mentorship.

They are trying to reach at least $10k by December 9th.

Therefore, I am asking any of you if you might be able to contribute.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.


You can donate HERE.

Please put my name in the Referred By section!


Thanks so much in advance for any support you might be able to provide!


Warm Regards,


PS: If you are in LA this week. I hope to see you at the UN talk in Pasadena on Wednesday!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 6.16.02 AM


Goodbye Asthma: The War on Clean Air

Clean Power Plan

One of the many reasons I work to save the environment. In 2030, there will be 150,000 less asthma attacks in children thanks to cleaner air and less carbon pollution. There are several factors that can trigger asthma. Namely: ground level ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter emitted into the air via power plants and factories. Power plants make up 40% of the carbon pollution in the U.S. We already limit how much mercury, arsenic, soot and other air pollution power plants can emit, and it’s crucial that we limit carbon pollution, the top contributor to climate change. Lobbyists and corporate polluters are working tirelessly to stop the EPA’s efforts to stand up to polluters. Click here to sign the petition that will tell your senator that limiting industrial carbon pollution from existing power plants is a concern for you. Stand up and be counted.


USGBC-LA Green Gala Tribute Video

green-gala 2014

I was fortunate enough to attend the US Green Build Counsel’s Los Angeles Chapter’s (USGBC-LA) Green Gala this year.  What a blast. Can’t wait until next year.